The Tazzelenghe at Vinitaly

2022 signs the restart of Vinitaly, main international wine fair which celebrates its 54th edition. This year, in addition to many participating Friulian wineries, a group of producers of Tazzelenghe - native and rare wine - will also be present.

The group is made up of 8 wineries, representing almost the entire production: Casella, Colutta Gianpaolo, Conte d'Attimis-Maniago, Jacuss, La Viarte, Le Due Torri, Pitticco, Ronco Margherita.

This wine, typically and uniquely from Friuli, represents a rarity of our land. In fact, the Tazzelenghe vines cover about 6 hectares, just 0.02% of the Friuli vineyard area, with an annual production that does not exceed 13,000 bottles. Tazzelenghe takes its name from the Friulian language and means "cut tongue", evidently for its high acidity and tannic structure, but it is also a wine of great elegance, always appreciated in Friuli but which is also becoming popular abroad.

We are waiting for you, together with the other producers of Tazzelenghe, from 10 to 13 April 2022, at the Vinitaly pavilion F Stand 20 (Micro Mega Wines).

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