Pitticco's Philosophy

We feel we are the guardians of a unique territory, where man works with complete respect for his surroundings.
We are amazed by the beauty of nature and are committed to keeping it at its best, in order to bring out its very essence through our wines. As my father said...

“It takes time, patience and perseverance to do things well . . .”

The wine cellar

The most authentic and intimate part of Pitticco Wines.A messenger of innovation and experience, method and passion, with just one aim to pursue: the wine. Red, elegant, local.

A long rest

Our wines stay in the cellar for at least two years, in order to be at their very best. The typical traits of each variety are brought out in the barrel. Nuances that, over time, thanks to the skillful work of man, take on a uniquely balanced, harmonious character, both for the nose and the palate. Behind every wine you can sense the respect for the terroir, which gives the wines a unique personality thanks to a singular combination of soil, altitude and micro-climate.

The wines

Our Migale, Serika and Schioppettino di Prepotto are wines that stand out for their elegance, delicacy and authenticity.

Our three interpretations of the native red wine varieties are particularly balanced in their aromas and tannins. On only five hectares of land we cultivate three excellent reds, worthy representatives of our territory. Even with our first vintages, we have already succeeded in winning important prizes and recognitions at an international level.

The Area

We are located in Prepotto, Colli Orientali del Friuli. A symbolic place, particularly suited to the cultivars of the traditional Friuli reds.The vineyards are situated on a beautiful hill, facing a narrow valley with the fresh waters of the Judrio River running through it.

The Pitticco vineyards are located on a hillside in the Novacuzzo area, characterised by favourable soil and weather conditions that guarantee an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of our red grapes. Most of the precipitation is in the spring and autumn, while during the summer there are typical but limited storms. The narrow Judrio valley facilitates the presence of fresh, dry winds throughout the year, which bring perceptible temperature changes during the grapes' ripening phase, encouraging the aromatic characteristics of the varietals in Pitticco wines.

The vineyard

From the top of the hill on which our vines are gently laid out, you can admire a richly natural landscape. Throughout the seasons, it always offers great emotion and evocative nuances of colour and perfume.

The hills are divided into two parcels with 6700 stocks for every hectare of vineyard. The part facing East, with a maximum altitude of 144 metres above sea level and a minimum of 104 metres above sea level, is ideal for the production of Schioppettino, while the part facing South-East, at between 88 and 125 metres above sea level, is suitable for the cultivation of all three types of grape.

The land: the origin of everything

If we touch the soil where our vines grow with our own hands, we can immediately understand how unusually rich in minerals it is.Indeed, the vines sink their roots into "flysch", more commonly called "ponca" in the Friulian language.These are terms used to describe an ancient rock formation with alternating layers of marl (crumbly, clay-rich rock) and sandstone (a hard, sandy formation). It is thanks to this fantastic mineral reactivity, and also the soil's high capacity for water retention and management, that we can obtain our extremely elegant, well-structured red wines, able to impress even the most demanding palates.