Terms and conditions


1. Ownership of the site

PITTICCO is a registered trademark owned by Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola, with registered office in Via Novacuzzo 52/A - 33040 Prepotto (Udine - IT). The digital platform www.pitticco.com is the exclusive property of Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola.

2. Introduction and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

These general contractual conditions (hereinafter also "General Conditions") regulate the offer of products by PITTICCO on www.pitticco.com (hereinafter also "Site"). The General Conditions must be accepted by the user upon his/her registration on the Site, in order to be able to make use of the service offered.

PITTICCO reserves the right to modify all or part of these conditions at any time, giving notice to the user through their publication on the Site.

Any user who continues to use PITTICCO after the publication of the modifications accepts the new conditions without reservation.

3. Registration on the site

The site is intended exclusively for users over the legal age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in their country of origin. The purchase of products in the shop is only permitted subject to declaration that the user is over the legal age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Registration is free, but is available exclusively to users over the legal age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in their country of origin. When registering, the user must provide, truthfully and completely, all the data requested in the relevant registration form, and fully accept the privacy policy and, in the event of purchase, these general conditions. The user undertakes not to give his/her credentials, even temporarily, to third parties, and to keep them with due care, diligence and secrecy under his/her own responsibility, as they constitute the only way to identify the user and validate his/her access to offers. The user is therefore informed that all acts carried out through the use of the aforementioned credentials will be attributed to him/her, and will be binding for him/her. It should be understood that in no case shall PITTICCO be held responsible in the event of loss, dissemination, theft or unauthorised use by third parties, for any reason, of users' login credentials.

Registration is necessary to proceed with the purchase of products and access summary information regarding activities carried out by the user on the site (also "Account").

In the event that a user who has partially registered would like to proceed with the purchase of products on the Site, it will be necessary, before checkout, to complete the required fields necessary for the completion of the purchase, such as the delivery address.

The user may update and/or modify or request the erasure of the information provided during Registration at any time. In the event of an erasure request, however, PITTICCO may temporarily keep all or part of such information, with the sole purpose of fulfilling any possible purchases made and/or concluding accounting or financial procedures.

PITTICCO reserves the right to suspend or cancel the account of a user at any time, without prior notice, if it believes that:

  • the user has violated the Contract

  • access or use of the Service could cause harm to PITTICCO, other users or third parties

  • the use of PITTICCO by the user could result in a violation of the law or applicable regulations
  • in the event of investigations conducted as a result of legal action or involvement of the public authorities
  • the account is believed by PITTICCO, at its exclusive discretion and for any reason, to be inappropriate or offensive, or in violation of the Contract, or not in line with PITTICCO's standards.

4. Identification of products

The offer of products concerns the categories of alcoholic beverages (wine products). The products offered for sale on the Site are only those publicised therein in the dedicated section (SHOP).

The images of the products are of a purely illustrative nature and do not constitute a contractual element.

The catalogue may establish availability of products subject to limits of quantity and/or time

5. Conditions of the offer

Before completing the purchase, the user must read the characteristics of the goods described on the page for the product he/she intends to purchase.

The prices (expressed in Euros, inclusive of VAT), descriptions or availability of products may be subject to modification without prior notice, effective from the date of publication of the aforementioned modifications on the Site. PITTICCO shall do its best to present the characteristics of the products in the greatest detail possible on each page corresponding to the product viewed by the user. However, the images and colours of the products offered for sale may differ from those in real life due to many factors, among which are, by way of example, the monitor of the user's device, photographic filters, etc. Therefore, the user acknowledges and accepts that any such minor differences do not constitute a defect in the conformity of the products.

The shipping cost is set at a fixed amount, and may be free if the total price of the order is above a certain value, or as part of a specific promotion. However, the user is always informed of the amount to be paid for shipping before completing the purchase and making the payment.

The validity of the offers may be subject to limits of quantity or time; once these are finished, they may no longer be available. The expiry date and/or amount available for any offers are displayed on the Site in such a way that the user is able to read them. PITTICCO may modify the duration of an offer at any time, at its own discretion, without prejudice to the fact that it shall carry out all orders made during the validity of a particular offer.
In certain cases it is possible that a product is no longer available due to selling out after the moment of purchase: in these cases, where the conditions are met, PITTICCO will ensure that the user is refunded.

6. Coupons

PITTICCO may issue discount codes (hereinafter also "Coupons") that the user can use when purchasing products. Coupons are issued in the form of an alphanumeric code, and their function is established irrevocably by, and at the complete discretion of PITTICCO.
The Coupon can be inserted by the user in the designated "Coupon" field at the point when he/she enters the order. Coupons are generally usable by the user for a limited period of time, after which they will no longer be usable. Coupons may be subject to a minimum purchase amount, below which the use of that coupon may not be possible. Unless otherwise specified, a Coupon is personal and connected to the user's Account, and may be used for a single purchase, after which it will automatically become invalid. Coupons cannot be combined.
Coupons may not be sold, given and/or transferred to third parties without the express authorisation of PITTICCO. PITTICCO reserves the right to cancel any Coupon previously issued, even before its expiry, with no obligation to justify the reason, and without the right to compensation or reimbursement. PITTICCO reserves the right to cancel Coupons issued to users who make improper use of them, without any prior notice and without the right to compensation or reimbursement.

7. Purchase procedure and payment methods

Each order sent constitutes an offer for the purchase of the products ordered.
The completion of orders is subject to the availability of the products ordered and their discretionary acceptance by Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola. In any case, the company reserves the right to cancel an order, proceeding to refund the amounts paid.

The user must select the products and complete checkout after having carefully checked the information contained in the order summary. The order is fulfilled through the confirmation of this summary and is conditional on the payment of the price, taxes and indicated shipping costs and payment charges.

Following successful payment, the user will receive an order confirmation by email containing the details of the offer purchased. The order confirmation will contain a reminder of the delivery address. Without the confirmation email, the purchase cannot be understood to have been validly completed..

The payment method and system is Nexi.

The amount owed is charged, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the offer, at the moment of the payment confirmation. In any case, PITTICCO uses third-party systems for the processing of payments, and does not have contact in any way with the payment details provided, such as credit card details.

8. Shipping, delivery and post-sales assistance

PITTICCO only accepts orders for delivery within the territory of the following countries in the European Community:


PITTICCO undertakes to deliver goods within 10 working days from the order date, and on average deliveries will be carried out in 24/48 working hours throughout Italy, with the exception of the islands and difficult to reach areas, where average delivery times are 72/96 working hours. It is not possible to guarantee a precise date or time of delivery, as this depends on the courier, the destination address and the individual in charge of the delivery. PITTICCO shall therefore not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequence of these timeframes.

PITTICCO may not be held responsible for delivery errors due to inaccuracies or incomplete information provided by the user when completing the order, for damage that occurs to the Products after their handover to the courier, or for delays in delivery attributable to the latter.

PITTICCO uses patented packaging approved by the courier, designed to guarantee the integrity of the product. In any case, upon delivery of the goods, the user will be required to verify that the packaging is intact, undamaged or unaltered, including the materials used to secure it (tape or straps), and that there is no leakage of liquid. Possible damage to the packaging and/or the product must be immediately reported by the user in writing (specifying the reason for the reservation, for example "Punctured packaging", "Squashed packaging", etc.) on the courier's delivery document. Once this document is signed, the user will no longer be able to challenge the state of the goods delivered. Any problems relating to the physical integrity, conformity or completeness of the products received must be reported within 3 days of the delivery by writing an email to: backoffice@pitticco.com. In the message, the user must provide a description of the defect found, and indicate the product code, as well as the progressive order number issued at the moment of purchase and the identifying details of the invoice issued by the seller for the products purchased.

In the event of failure to deliver the goods within the timeframe indicated, the user will be required to notify PITTICCO, who will check the shipping status and the possible problem with the courier. Following a problem during shipping (for example, the package is lost or destroyed during transportation), PITTICCO will proceed to resend the product if it is available in the warehouse, or fully refund the order.

9. Product guarantee and conformity

The user is aware that the images used in the offers may sometimes be purely indicative and do not always accurately represent the product delivered.
PITTICCO shall be directly responsible for the conformity of the products. In the event of products found not to conform to requirements, the user shall contact PITTICCO by sending an email to backoffice@pitticco.com

PITTICCO shall proceed to check the goods. Once the problem has been established, a replacement or refund will be provided.

10. Withdrawal

When purchasing products on PITTICCO's website, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within the term of 14 (fourteen) days counted from the date on which the products are received, returning to PITTICCO the goods delivered, intact and without any alterations. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products delivered sealed that have been opened by the Customer.
The notification of withdrawal must be sent by email to the address backoffice@pitticco.com within the term of 14 days counted from the delivery date, and must contain:

  1. a statement of the user's intent to make use of his/her right of withdrawal in accordance with and for the purposes of art. 54 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 21/2014;
  2. indication of the products for which the customer intends to make use of his/her right of withdrawal, including the article code of the product;
  3. the progressive order number issued at the moment of purchase;
  4. the identifying details of the invoice issued by the vendor for the products purchased.

The buyer who has used his/her right of withdrawal must return the goods, intact and with no alterations, within the term of 14 days counted from the date on which the withdrawal was notified. The cost of returning the goods is at the expense of the user. The goods must be sent to Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola, Via Novacuzzo 52/A, 33040 Prepotto (UD). The user is responsible for packing the goods he/she intends to return, and therefore undertakes to take the necessary precautions in order to protect the integrity of the product or products and preserve them from any damage and/or any alteration.
The goods must be returned intact, in their original packaging, complete in every detail, and accompanied by the attached financial documentation. Without prejudice to the right to verify the above, PITTICCO shall refund the withdrawn contracting party the amount corresponding to the purchase of the product/products, within the maximum term of thirty days counted from the date on which the seller became aware of the user's exercise of the right of withdrawal.

In any case, the refund of the corresponding amount shall not be carried out before:

  1. PITTICCO has received the returned product/products;

  2. PITTICCO has verified the integrity of the product/products.

The clauses regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal, as well as the related consequences and exceptions, apply exclusively to users qualifiable as consumers; in other words, users that act for purposes other than their own business or professional activities.

11. Responsibilities of PITTICCO

Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola shall not be responsible for any harm that may derive from the use of the Site, such as computer viruses, failures, service disruptions and software malfunctions, even to the detriment of the user's computer equipment, which impede or delay the provision of services, if these are due to external causes, force majeure and/or third parties beyond the owner's control.

In any case, Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for delays or defects or non-conformities due to events outside their reasonable control, such as, by way of example: (i) events of force majeure; (ii) events caused by the acts of third parties, such as disruption or malfunction of telecommunications services and/or power lines, or acts or omissions on the part of couriers or shippers.

12. Industrial and intellectual property

Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola is the owner of every right relating to the graphic and conceptual content of the Site, its distinguishing marks visible therein, as well as every name, symbol and image used for the indication of Products on the site. It is therefore prohibited to reproduce, even partially, the content and graphics of the Site, as well as the distinguishing marks visible therein.

13. Privacy

Personal data is collected and processed in order to follow up on users' requests. PITTICCO guarantees its users that it operates in compliance with regulations regarding the processing of personal data, governed by the Privacy Code set out in Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. The privacy policy should be considered an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions, and it is available in the Privacy section of the Site, or through the link to the Privacy Policy. The Data Controller is Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola. Any claims should therefore be addressed to:

Sergio Pitticco Società Semplice Agricola
Via Novacuzzo 52/A, 33040 Prepotto (UD)
0432 481609

Upon registering, the user may be asked to give consent to receive marketing information, also through the newsletter. In this case, the user will be free to give or not give his/her consent.

14. Cookies

For further information, please consult the Cookie Policy.

15. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions shall be regulated in every aspect by Italian law. For any dispute regarding the interpretation, execution and/or resolution of the contract between the user and PITTICCO, the parties recognise the competence of the Judge in the place of residence or domicile of the user, as long as the latter is considered a "consumer" under the applicable laws.